About Us

Texas WreKKers Baseball was born out of a desire to play more competitive baseball without sacrificing all available family time or spending thousands of dollars each season. Over the past few years, Texas WreKKers has been able to find the balance of competing at a high level while not burning out the players.


Texas WreKKers has proven the ability to beat name-brand organizations where parents are required to pay for extensive uniforms and equipment, facility rental, inexplicable fees, private lessons, and spend numerous hours practicing every week. Being competitive and winning championships can be achieved with minimal investment and Texas WreKKers Baseball is the proof.


When you're a WreKKer you'll learn the advanced fundamentals of baseball and how to put yourself in the best position to succeed. You'll also understand what it means to win/lose with respect and play the game right. Our coaches place a high emphasis on teaching each player what it means to be a young man both on & off the field in words and in actions. 


Baseball truly is our nation's pastime. Once understood, the game can teach players a lot about life: winning, losing, teamwork, sacrifice, grit, heart, perseverance, and pure joy. In the hands of the right coaches and organization, players can flourish. Come join Texas WreKKers Baseball to see what it's all about!

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